we are currently seeking funding for the marketing of:

-BIGqpPLAYS as a brand in CSGO, Melee, and VRChat

-BIGqpDAZ as a musical artist, full album ready to go to studio

-Impact Control Wheel as a patented technology seeking larger investment


The clock is ticking.

Help us get started and the qp will remember you when it blows up

it's time to



This brand is built on the winning philosophy and culture of this team.  Every step of progress has been built on a learned truth, from our experiences in CSGO, Melee, Music, and ICW.

So what's this all about?

It’s about growth. It’s about risks. It’s about making




Pro CSGO Roster

Pro Melee Competitor

CSGO Surf Server

BIGqpDISCORD Community


|-----|Under Construction|-----|

Melee tournament

VRC world

Raffles, contests and events

VIP subscription benefits

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