What is BIGqp?

In my process of building a great Counter-Strike team, I often had to detangle an individual's delusion, self doubt, and examine their work ethic.  What started as a way of easily describing concepts in a way that my teammate's would understand, has turned into the entire culture of my team, with great success.  I learned in the gym that progressive overloading is the process for building muscle, and the same is true in a sense of mental and emotional growth.


Your mind can grow and recover at a much greater pace than your physical body.  The ones who grow faster are the ones who have greater patience, consistency in trusting in "the process," are willing to take more of a beating to their ego, and expose themselves to the greater truth.  If you can recognize that ego flare-ups and defensiveness is simply a part of the natural mental response to discomfort to being exposed to brazen truth, then you can create a process to very quickly cycle yourself back to resolution in the fact that that discomfort is the pristine signal that there is something to be learned there, and if you have the fortitude to withstand that discomfort, you will grow from it. 


It's very simple, but it's much harder to do in practice.  Every single step of the way requires you to do some BIGPP shit.  Nut up or shut up.  There are no shortcuts, only hard work and big risks for big gains.  Recognizing this and reminding yourself to step out of your emotional attachment and see the bigger picture is what I call the Bigger Picture Perspective.  Stay true to this process, and you will continue to grow at maximum pace, and eliminate any bit of self doubt in the cleansing light of the hardest truths, thus the BIGPP keeps growing, bigger and bigger.


It's really that simple.  Those who don't see it just have a small pp.