Life is about growth

If you know something is growing and you aren’t a part of it, you should be sure that what you are using that time for is truly going to be worth it, resulting in more growth overall, or you are missing a huge opportunity.

I’m Clearly making plays

If you know about the plays I'm making and you aren’t trying to build with me, then you are simply against me. If you are working on your own long term goal instead of helping catalyze my explosion, it will be remembered that you contributed nothing, and you will have no connection in me. You are wasting your time and my time by spending your time with me then, or you are just being a parasite to my operations. You are against me

If you aren’t growing with me, I will still fill these roles, whether it’s with you or not. It’s up to you to create your own opportunities, but I think every day it becomes more likely someone else might step up to fill a role, as the qp just keeps growing. Am I wrong?

Help Wanted