In the interest of BIGqpPLAYS -- I’d like to push it harder than ever before. I believe we are only lacking exposure for bigger connections.
People often doubt me, say I'm a dreamer, or think my ambitions are unrealistic.  Many have said we couldn't possibly have re-invented the wheel in our garage, but we did.  I believe, with a small perspective, you see small possibilities.  I can't help but think, if they aren't as confident as me, it's because they aren't seeing the possibilities that I am seeing, which is probably because they haven't done what I've done and seen what I've seen.  As a joke, we would say would say they have a small pp because they have a Small Picture Perspective.

As simple and childish as it might sound, the truth in this logic has guided me to success as a business owner, entrepreneur, and of course in my passion of competitive gaming. As a very high skill gamer, I have often had other gamers ask me why I play the way I play, and why my team is so good. I say it's because I make BIGqpPLAYS err day.

In my music and business career, I draw much inspiration from gaming culture, and my experience as a high-skill competitive gamer. One of the biggest things in gaming is decision making, perspective, and experience. I started this project "BIGqpPLAYS," as a mission of growth, experience, discipline, and artistic expression built on my passion for gaming. I would tell you that I am the realest gamer in the world, and I'd mean it.
Thing is, we really do this shit. My dad really re-invented the wheel, and my team really is that good. I really did create every piece of artwork for this brand, the entire website, and every single lyric and vocal for all 50 songs I've made thus far. That's just what happens when you're really making BIGqpPLAYS.
The Team
As a Team Leader, I have over 7 years of coaching, communication, and teamwork under my belt. I know how to build strategies, communicate them, and execute them. I know how to find the right people, ask the right questions, and see the results we are expecting. As a coach, I have helped cultivate a strong, positive culture built on truth, discipline, and commitment. My greatest point of pride in this team is the consistent positivity, improvement, and growth we have all achieved together. That would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of my teammates. I've played with these guys for 4 years, and to us, this is truly just the beginning.
If you're here, you’re probably a fan of BIGqpPLAYS. I am hoping you will help me make the biggest play I’ve made yet, and I will remember and appreciate your support.
My dad has always told me how gaming is a waste of time.  I aim to prove him wrong by using crowdfunding from my gamers to ensure success with this brand, as so much of my success in life was inspired by CSGO and Melee.
You know that I will not stop, and we will succeed in these endeavors.  Remember..
Fortune favors the one making

The Plan

  1. Create studio professionally mixed song "SIGMA GOD"
  2. Spearhead the "sigma male grindset" algorithm on YouTube and TikTok
  3. Take my songs to the studio and prepare for larger promotional efforts to drop my first album as an artist
  4. Run promotional efforts to garner attention on BIGqpDAZ as a musical artist, BIGqpPLAYS as a brand, and secure larger funding for Impact Control Wheel
  5. ???
  6. Profit!


 It's time to..